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Armor Mayhem

[Total: 234    Average: 4.6/5]
In Armor Mayhem the humans have discovered a new source of energy on another planet. The energy comes through infinite power crystals and various organizations are striving so that they can gain maximum power. The race for energy and power defines your progress and with the objective to take your corporation to the highest level you have to make the right choices quickly. With quality graphics and amazing colors this shooter game is one of the best sources of entertainment. Armor Mayhem is based on a futuristic concept where the player's character helps the player bring back energy to the planet. Your corporation sends the marines into the space for retrieving the energy crystals and the game progresses forward with lots of action to keep you engaged. Since other corporations are also sending space marines your team will have to fight against them for winning. The controls for movement are quite basic through the WASD keys. Shooting is carried out using the left mouse-click. There are jump points and teleport locations can help the user to move around quickly in the level and you can pick different weapons using the S key. As you hit more and more enemies, your bullet-time meter fills up which can be used by pressing the spacebar key. The E key helps you in giving commands to teammates. Different levels have tasks for the user to fulfill, as you cross one level, you get more upgrades and cash along with unlocked space on the map to explore. The different variety of weapons and other customizable upgrades enrich the experience of the user. The players have the option of different modes for playing the game along with carefully designed levels. The ability of command the teammates helps the players greatly. Whereas the engine's depth and game features are quite admirable as well. This game is playable by people of all ages.

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